Everything you need to know about Kratom and its Alkaloids

With new customers jumping on the Kratom bandwagon every day, there is a lot of misinformation spreading over the internet. Some of this information tends to create a negative image in the minds of the customers. However, researching and educating yourself before you buy Kratom online is crucial.

This research increases your knowledge and allows you to know what to expect when using Kratom. The chemical profile of Mitragyna is fascinating and allows you to understand the properties of Kratom better.

This information is not only crucial for beginners, but several experienced users are oblivious to the working of Mitragyna as well. Many people consider the chemical profile irrelevant as long as the product works for them. However, you must be well informed when it comes to your physical and mental health and well-being.

We at Phoria Kratom are here to help you along your Kratom journey. Everything you need to know about how Kratom works in your body is mentioned below.


What are the associated effects of Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, known as Kratom and ketum in the botanical world, belongs to the coffee family. It originates from the Southeast Asian regions of the world, including countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Farmers and locals of these regions have been using Kratom leaves for their associated effects and benefits for a long time. Locals tended to chew on fresh leaves of the plant to get an energy boost.

Mitragyna has gained popularity in a very short time in the modern botanical community. Almost everyone has heard of it one way or another. The substance has gained this attention because of the fantastic associated benefits it has.

Although the associated benefits of Kratom vary slightly depending upon the user and the strain being used – there are a few effects that all users agree upon feeling. These include;

  • Euphoria or a feeling of well-being and happiness. This feature tends to act as a mood boost, and several people suffering from depression and anxiety have found Kratom to work amazingly for them.
  • An increase in focus and betterment of work ethic is another effect that many users feel upon using Mitagyna. This factor increases the customer\’s productivity and has helped people who have attention deficit disorders.
  • Mitragyna is infamous for its associated analgesic abilities. A considerable percentage of Kratom users praise the substance for its analgesic and pain-relieving abilities. People going through opioid withdrawals have spoken about the help that they get from Kratom during their journey. You can find these testimonials on several online forums like Quora and Reddit.
  • Betterment of routine and sleeping cycle. Several customers have reported betterment in their sleep schedule ever since using Kratom. Many insomnia patients have also found relief with Kratom. Furthermore, people going through eating disorders tend to use Mitrgayna to control their ED.

There are many other potential benefits, including blood pressure regulation, digestive system regulation, bipolar and schizophrenic benefits, that are being looked into. However, there needs to be a lot of scientific studies before these effects are confirmed.

What are alkaloids?

Every living thing has a chemical composition. The same is true for plants. Some of the most famous chemicals that occur in plants include alkaloids. Alkaloids are known all over the planet because of their unique properties. Caffeine is one of the most famous alkaloids due to its mild stimulatory effects. Many modern medicines like morphine use alkaloids as well.

When it comes to Kratom, the plant is high in alkaloid concentration. Every strain of Mitragyna is rich in alkaloids, and these chemicals are responsible for the associated effects that the plant has. The concentration of alkaloids in a Kratom product is directly proportional to the strength of the product\’s effects.

Every strain has a slightly different alkaloid content. Because of the varying alkaloids, different strains act in varying methods in the body. Some strains are stimulatory, while others are sedative. A proper understanding of alkaloids is necessary to determine your strain correctly. These alkaloids are being extensively researched because of the potential benefits they can have.

How do alkaloids act?

Alkaloids can impart positive changes to your standard of life. They work interestingly. These alkaloids of Kratom can initiate endocrine and hormonal responses in your body. They do so by binding with the neuro-receptors of the body. However, every alkaloid of Kratom has a differing mechanism with which it acts.

This different mechanism results in the different alkaloids showing up in various ways inside the human body. These alkaloids\’ interesting action makes them a brilliant potential candidate for future research and developments in several sectors. Cancer researchers are looking at alkaloids as something that scientists can use in the future for proper medical treatments.

The alkaloids of Mitragyna can induce euphoric, sedative, and stimulatory effects because of their ability to interact with the human body\’s endocrine system. However, you should control the doses of the Kratom you take carefully.

Alkaloids of Kratom and their role:

The general action of the alkaloids has been explained. We will further look into the various alkaloids present in Kratom and their modes of action.

  1. Mitragynine:

This alkaloid is the one that is most widely known by the general public. The reason for it being known better is the abundance of the alkaloid in every strain of Kratom. Almost all strains have at least 65-70% Mitragynine in their leaves. The alkaloid is of great importance to scientists and has been studied on numerous occasions in isolation. This alkaloid interacts with the opioid receptors present in your central nervous system. It creates a feeling of well-being, happiness, and relaxation. Furthermore, it has analgesic properties.

  1. Paynantheine:

Extensive research into the working of this particular alkaloid is currently underway. However, we do know that Paynantheine is the second most abundant alkaloid present in Mitragyna leaves. Many studies claim that Paynantheine might be inactive to a great extent in the human body.

  1. 7-Hydroxymitragynine:

Although less in concentration than several other alkaloids in Kratom, 7-Hydroxymitragynine is one of the most active alkaloids when working in the human body. It is infamous because of the analgesic effects the alkaloid has. 7-Hydroxymitragynine has often been called the critical component of Kratom. Studies have shown that this alkaloid may be responsible for the pain-killing effects. It acts by interacting with the opioid receptors of the brain.

  1. Speciogynine:

By concentration, this alkaloid is the third most abundant alkaloid present in most Mitragyna strains. Speciogynine is an alkaloid with a lot of future potentials. It is active in the human body and is believed to have sedative and pain-relieving effects.

These four alkaloids are some of the most abundant and well-known alkaloids of Mitragyna. However, it is believed that there are more than 40 different alkaloids present in the Kratom plants. Some of these alkaloids have yet to be discovered by scientists. Other alkaloids of the Mitragyna plant include Mitraphylline, Ajmalicine, and more. These chemical agents have considerable potential in research and studies.

How does alkaloid concentration in various products vary?

Several factors can affect the alkaloid concentration of your Kratom products. One of the most significant factors is the origin of that particular Mitragyna strain. Every geographical area can have slightly varying alkaloid content of their Kratom trees because of the different growing conditions in that region.

Harvest time and cultivation and procuring techniques can also affect the alkaloid concentration in your final product. However, the biggest factor that comes into play is the type of product you are buying.

If you opt for regular Kratom powders and capsules of great quality, you will feel a regulated and mellow effect that stays with you until your next dose. These products are best suited for beginners and people just starting their Mitragyna journey. On the other hand, if you buy premium Kratom powders or extracts online, the alkaloid concentration in these products will be comparatively higher. Therefore, you will get a stronger hit from these products. Furthermore, the doses of both these kinds of products need to be controlled so that you do not end up taking the wrong dose. The type of product you opt for depends upon your requirements, needs, and preferences at the end.

Why vendor choice is important:

Vendor choice is important when it comes to alkaloid concentrations. It is very easy for poor vendors to get away with integrating fillers into their Mitragyna products. You will get a bad product with fewer alkaloids because of this. Hence, always go for a vendor with a GMP certification.

This certification means that the vendor followed good manufacturing practices when procuring and manufacturing the Kratom products. Moreover, ensure that the products you are planning to buy have been testing by labs extensively. A great vendor always has the lab results on display.

If you are confused about which vendor to opt for, shop the best Kratom at phoriakratom.com for amazing prices. All our products are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and are thoroughly tested for any contaminants.

Although there is much to know about Kratom alkaloids, there is no doubt that these chemical agents are full of potential. It is nature\’s gift to mankind, and we should use it with care. It is important to control your daily intake of alkaloids and not overdose. Furthermore, purchase from a trusted vendor to ensure a great experience.

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