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QUALITY KRATOM FROM THE #1 INDUSTRY LEADER VIEW ALL KRATOM POWDERS Harvested from our private Indonesian kratom farm, our trees have been grown from cloned strains from all over the South Pacific. We employee strict standards that set our kratom powder apart from any competitor on the market.

Our strains include many different and unique types of green, red and white veined kratom. We also offer mitragyna speciosa extract in many different forms.

Phoria Kratom is

We believe in the holistic, 100% all natural approach to tackle life’s daily hurdles, whether it be pain, mood or simply feeling lousy. Insert kratom – scientific name mitragyna speciosa, has been used for decades, if not longer to assist with pain relief and an enhanced euphoric feeling of well being. The kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia where we directly import it from local farmers that take great pride in offering the highest quality hand-picked leaves we could find. For over 9 years Phoria™ has been manufacturing solid, lab tested kratom products for the industry and continues to remain the leader and go-to manufacturer for kratom supplementation. Feel free to buy kratom from a trusted industry leader today.

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Discover the amazing health benefits of mitragyna speciosa powder. Our quality surpasses the rest with microbial and heavy metal lab testing to ensure the highest quality possible.

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Don’t like the taste of kratom? We have your solution, with our easy to swallow kratom capsules. Offered in 30 count or 300 count jars at discounted pricing you can’t go wrong.

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Shop from our long list of different strains. Harvested straight from the plant and delivered to you.

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Experience the easy way to take kratom, in capsule form. Pop a capsule when you want to indulge in the health benefits of kratom.

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Science has come a long way and we have discovered the best way to isolate the important alkaloids the kratom plant produces naturally.

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Drug Testing For Kratom

Kratom is a herbal product that is derived from a tropical tree. These trees are mainly located in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Kratom has been used by the natives of these countries for a long while now. It is harvested and manufactured into different forms such as pills, powder, extracts and tinctures. Over the past [...]

What is the difference between kratom strains?

What typically determines the kratom strain? The location, vein color and leaf shape are typically the constituents that determine the name of a kratom strain. The most general dividing feature of kratom strains the color of the stems and veins in the leaf. They typically have white veins, red veins or green veins and in many types you will find those [...]

The Legal Status of Kratom In the State Of Michigan

Introduction Kratom, while widely used, has been extremely controversial. The reason is that not much is known about it; its effects and the mechanics surrounding it have not been investigated in great detail. It should be noted that research has begun and it would not be long before a final verdict will be made about the safety in consuming it. For now, [...]

Is Kratom Illegal In The State of Illinois

What is Kratom? Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree, mainly grown in Southeast Asian countries, like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, etc. It is used for many purposes, like relieving pain, alleviating headaches, inducing euphoric feels and helping the user destress. Considering its many advantages and the effects it has, as mentioned above, it is no surprise that it has become extremely popular. [...]

Sustainability and Kratom

Sustainability is our thing.

All of our kratom strains are grown fresh on our private farm in Indonesia. Our workers hand pick optimal leaves to include in your kratom products every day. This is our claim to sustainability, so as the kratom industry grows our customers can feel safe that we are not damaging the environment.

Sustainability isn’t a commodity as much as it is a lifestyle. It has immediate as well as long-term rewards. Sustainability is forward-thinking, looking ahead to secure a future for you and yours, getting things to last, making things better than you’ve found them. When one chooses to preserve and protect kratom resources, to make as little negative impact on the earth as possible, to nurture the planet as well as those around us, one has chosen the path of sustainability.

Kratom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kratom, scientific name Mitragyna speciosa is a natural tree that grows in southeast Asia. Locals have known about the amazing health and human physiological benefits of kratom for hundreds of years. In general, kratom is widely known as containing compounds called alkaloids that partially bind to your opiate receptors in your brain providing many different effects, including but not limited to pain relief, energy in small doses, analgesic effects in large doses, euphoric feelings and a general feeling of well-being. More information on kratom history can be found here.

We have done business in the kratom industry for over 10 years. We own our own private manufacturing facility and follow GMP (good manufacturing practice) rules to establish us as one of the leading producers of kratom products in the entire world. Every imported shipment undergoes rigorous testing, including 3rd party testing for microbial contamination and includes a batch number on each product for complete traceability.

We offer three subsections of kratom products including loose kratom powder, capsulated kratom in pill-like form and kratom extracts. Each of our kratom powders and kratom capsules come in different kratom strains which are subsequently delegated based on where the strain originally grows and what color veins course through the leaf of the tree. You can find more information on the differences of our kratom strains here.

Simply add your product to our shopping cart and checkout. Various deals are always available. We do not currently accept credit cards because Visa and Mastercard have a hard-on for kratom products and do not allow kratom vendors to accept that form of payment legally. You should be weary of any kratom seller accepting credit cards because they are doing it illegally. We have found a simple work-around for that however, so we accept e-check payments online, all you need is your checking account routing number and account number and our payment processor debits the funds directly from your checking account. No information regarding your account is stored on our servers, nor can we see it. We also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments and as a last resort we can ship with Fedex COD (Collect on Delivery) where you provide the Fedex delivery driver with a money order or certified check at time of delivery.

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