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Kratom Extract Powder

Information About Our Kratom Extract

We were one of the first companies to pioneer kratom extraction in 2014 and working with international partners we have been able to become the leading manufacturer of quality kratom extracts worldwide.

We import fresh, dried kratom leaf and kratom powders direct from our sustainable Indonesian farm to our laboratory facilities in the United States where it is processed with organic solvents to make a raw full-spectrum kratom extract powder. This powder is then used and dosed correctly in a variety of extract products including kratom extract capsules, soft gels, liquids, and candy.

Features of Phoria Kratom Extracts

Our full spectrum kratom extract is very powerful compared to traditional kratom powder, making it a go-to for seasoned kratom experts all around. A little goes a very long way! Our kratom extract contains a wide array of plant alkaloids which give users the “kratom effects”. The main alkaloid in question is mitragynine, and contributes to most of the effects kratom produces. When concentrated, and accurately dosed, a user knows what to expect and what experience they are going to have – every use.

Kratom Extract Capsules

Benefits of Using Kratom Extract Products

Enhanced Well-Being

Phoria kratom extract is the fast track to supporting well-being and motivation throughout the day.

Faster Recovery

Get back to living your best life, faster. A single serving of Kratom Extract provides a boost you just can’t get with standard powders or capsules.

Supercharged Potency

Get more bang for your buck by adding extract to your favorite kratom strain, or enjoy your extract serving on its own.

Long Lasting Effects

A single serving of Kratom Extract provides 4-6 hours of noticeable effects, helping you get through the toughest parts of your day.

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Why Choose Phoria Kratom Extract

Phoria Kratom has been a leader in the botanicals industry since 2012. We’re proud to be the premier supplier of plant-based medicinal grade products with certified purity and potency you can trust.

Every kratom extract order is shipped the same day when orders are received by 2:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. And, you can buy with confidence knowing your order is backed by our 30-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

Try superior quality kratom extracts from Phoria today, and start enjoying a new way to wellness, naturally!

What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom leaf contains a compound called an alkaloid. By definition an alkaloid is any class of nitrogenous organic compounds of a plant origin which have pronounced physiological actions on humans. This is the compound kratom powder users are after to produce the desired effects of the kratom plant including pain relief, energy stimulation and overall feelings of well-being.

Making a kratom isolate powder is not exactly a straightforward or easy process. We have spent years developing a process to isolate certain alkaloids out of kratom leaf and it took a lot of research and development to scale it into a commercially available method. Our unique extraction method and constant quality checks ensure you are receiving the most ultra pure alkaloids in the world, free of heavy metals, residual solvents and microbial contamination. Every batch of extract that we offer goes through rigorous testing and contains a batch number for easy traceability.

All of our extract comes from our private kratom farm and is sustainably harvested from Indonesia. We believe there is no other comparable or purer product on the market. All of our gold reserve kratom extract is made from kratom extract that is designed to enrich mitragynine content only. We do not enrich, adulterate or add any additional 7-Hydroxymitragynine to any of our products. The levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine are in equivalent ratios to the natural kratom leaf they were derived from. We offer our extracts in capsule, tablet or powder form. We are now selling drink mixes as well with our enriched kratom alkaloid extract infused into the drink powder.

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